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Solution to Y problem 2021-05-25
New results from numerical conformal bootstrap 2020-01-12
Novel Plasmons in Topological Materials—from the perspective of symmetry and topology 2020-01-06
Twisted Quantum Double Model of Topological Orders with Boundaries 2020-01-06
人工异质界面系统中的新颖量子物性研究 2019-12-31
A loop theorem for the input-output problems in cavity 2019-12-31
𝐍𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥 𝐌𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐥−𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐢𝐧 2D 𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐆𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐬 2019-12-22
自旋波与微波的强耦合理论 2019-12-14
Some non-singular and non-perturbative results induced by alpha′ corrections 2019-12-05
Dynamical t/U Expansion of the Doped Hubbard Model 2019-12-05
Magnetic texture based magnonics 2019-12-05
Spin transport in ultrafast demagnetization and terahertz emission 2019-12-05
量子多体物理和冷原子物理简介 2019-11-29
On the emergence of gravitational dynamics from tensor networks 2019-11-28
Micromagnetic study on magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures 2019-11-26
Analytic Two-loop Higgs Amplitudes and Their Hidden Structures 2019-11-25
Two-loop NMHV octagons from Qbar equations 2019-11-25
Ads/Ricci-flat correspondence and its application 2019-11-21
Schur 算符关联函数 2019-11-17
稳态AdS时空中爱因斯坦方程的精确解与数值解 2019-11-13
物理实验教学之我见 2019-11-13
低维磁性材料中磁各向异性的理论研究 2019-11-06
渐近安全与暗物质 2019-11-05
自旋轨道矩调控自旋器件物理及其应用 2019-10-25
Spin-orbit torque switching in magnetically coupled systems 2019-10-21
Vapor Phase Nucleation and Cluster Growth: A Molecular-level Understanding 2019-10-20
带有非线性电磁相互作用黑洞的第一定律与Smarr关系 2019-10-14
汤川相互作用问题的研究 2019-10-11
基于光子晶体和超材料提升自旋太赫兹源的性能 2019-10-11
二维共形场论中的离散反常 2019-10-08
磁性绝缘体与拓扑绝缘体异质结体系中磁性斯格明子的实验研究 2019-09-24
四维=2超对称理论 2019-09-18
S^2×R_^2上=1规范理论中的配分函数及其对偶 2019-09-11
2D photocatalysts on III-Nitrides nanowires 2019-09-04
对称能对中子星性质的影响 2019-08-27
Imprints of Early Universe on Gravitational Waves from Phase Transition in QCD 2019-08-22
Optical response of donor arrays in silicon: a time-dependent Hartree-Fock study 2019-08-22
Models of electron transport in nanoscale devices 2019-08-20
The materials science of Josephson junctions: modelling their formation, imperfections and electrica 2019-08-20
Electron Hydrodynamics & Black Holes in Anti de Sitter Space-time 2019-08-13
Covariant phase space with boundaries 2019-07-10
Neutral networks, quantum chaos and Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models 2019-07-04
Subsystem Trace Distance in Conformal Field Theory 2019-05-22
Soft Limits of Yang-Mills Amplitudes and Conformal Correlators 2019-05-22
低维结构电子磁输运 2019-05-20
Standard Model Effective Field Theory for top quark physics: precision and automation 2019-05-20
Perturbative Quantum Gravity and infrared non-localities 2019-05-20
Dark Soliton and wave turbulence in holographic superfluids 2019-05-15
高品质因子光学微腔及其应用 2019-05-11
Identifying topological orders on an NMR quantum processor 2019-04-29
低维磁性单体的电镜原位磁化动力学研究 2019-04-28
Hidden Analytic Relations for Two-Loop Higgs Amplitudes in QCD 2019-04-21
SYK-like models, Higher-spins and Chaos 2019-04-10
A primary investigation on wormhole and the thermodynamic arrow of time 2019-04-10
Generalized Uncertainty Principle, White Dwarfs, and Cosmological Constant 2019-03-15
W-algebras and 4d N=2 SCFTs from M5 branes 2019-03-15
向多体电子系统的未解决问题群发起挑战 2019-03-04
Cosmology in the effective gravitation theory with large scale Lorentz violation 2019-01-09
多视界、多奇点的黑洞和宇宙 2019-01-07
Applications of the Huang-Rhys model 2018-12-27
海森堡自旋链在不同边境条件下的边境能 2018-12-20
散射振幅的现代视角 2018-12-15
Integrable Structure and Life in a Hyperbolic Braneworld 2018-12-10
New Ideas and Translational Applications of Magnetic Skyrmions(磁性斯格明子的新观点和应用拓展) 2018-11-29
深度学习在高能核物理中的应用 2018-11-12
Nonequilibrium condensation process of a holographic p-wave superconductor 2018-11-09
On static asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetime 2018-10-18
Holographic incoherent transport in EMD gravity 2018-10-18
Determining the Neutrinos Mass Hierarchy from Cosmological Data 2018-10-18
强关联氧化物薄膜的物理特性及其应用 2018-10-15
反铁磁材料在自旋电子学中的应用 2018-10-15
First-principles study of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction 2018-10-15
中国正负电子对撞机的昨天、今天和明天—物理学前沿讲座 2018-10-10
GaN中点缺陷发光量子效率和寿命的第一性原理计算 2018-10-10
扫描隧道显微镜及其应用——物理学前沿讲座 2018-10-10
金刚石氮空位中心自旋量子调控和量子传感——物理学前沿讲座 2018-10-10
超导与中子散射——物理学前沿讲座 2018-10-10
黑洞、引力波和宇宙学 2018-09-30
Introduction to tensor network and its applications 2018-09-25
引力波标准汽笛观测与宇宙学参数估计 2018-09-25
Introduction to holographic complexity and circuit complexity 2018-09-25
Investigation of unusual angular magnetoresistance in nodal line Dirac semimetals 2018-09-25
物理学前沿讲座——高通量超导研究新进展 2018-09-23
时空本质与类比引力有关问题研究 2018-09-18
Strong cosmic censorship: As subtle as ever 2018-09-01
Black and gray solitons in holographic superfluids 2018-09-01
Holographic topological semimetals and topological invariants 2018-09-01
Cavity Spintronics 2018-06-29
Moyal-deformed ABJM field theory: the beginning 2018-06-26
无机纳米生物材料 2018-06-19
Chemical Imaging for Biomedicine: the Next Frontier of Light Microscopy 2018-06-19
NANO-X与纳米光电器件研究 2018-06-11
Visualizing Quantum Matter at Atomic Scale 2018-05-21
3-algebras and N≥4 Chern-Simons-matter Theories 2018-05-15
Black Holes and Their Thermodynamics in Gravitational Theories without Lorentz Symmetry 2018-05-15
Pauli Reductions of Supergravities in Six and Five Dimensions 2018-05-15
Continuous and Discrete Gauge Symmetries in F-Theory 2018-05-15
中子散射技术在关联电子材料研究中的应用 2018-05-08
CFT at finite energy scale, SO(2,d) conservation law and bulk dynamics 2018-05-07
Scattering from Geometries 2018-04-27
On the polarization of gravitational waves in alternative theories of gravity 2018-04-16
Shear viscosity bound, causality and black hole instability 2018-04-09
硅基发光材料理论设计与硅量子点发光机制 2018-04-09
The ideas and structure of loop quantum gravity 2018-04-08
Stability of braneworlds with non-minimally coupled multi-scalar fields 2018-04-08
边界上的世界——全息引力(AdS/CFT)及其应用简介 2018-03-22
Masses of Scalar and Axial-Vector B Mesons: A challenge to the quark model? 2018-03-20
中微子猎手——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告 2018-03-08
Higher dimensional operators in standard model effective field theory 2018-03-02
微纳米加工技术在物理学研究中的应用 2017-12-11
阻变效应的物理和材料 2017-12-11
相对论光强下的强场物理研究 2017-12-11
An introduction to High Energy Physics 2017-12-04
物理学赏析——武侠世界中的物理学原理 2017-11-30
Fast dynamic gratings in LC 2017-11-25
The effect of palladium doping on the stability and fragmentation patterns of cationic gold clusters 2017-11-16
强相互作用和电磁相互作用在相对论重离子碰撞实验中的竞争 2017-11-14
Decoherence spectroscopy of individual two-level tunneling defects 2017-11-08
由量子效应诱发的凝聚态体系新物性 2017-11-01
Lewkowycz-Maldacena (LM) prescription revisited in AdS_3 with CSS boundary conditions 2017-11-01
重味强子衰变的精确计算 2017-10-23
引力波--早期宇宙的探针——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告 2017-10-18
浅谈超弦/M-理论 2017-10-14
引力/规范对应——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告 2017-10-09
A Cosmic Crisitunity (crisis+opportunity) ——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告 2017-10-08
New extended phase space and phasetransition of noncommutative spacetime inspired black holes 2017-09-19
Aspects of conformal gravity——量子交叉研究中心特邀报告 2017-09-19
Soft theorems, memories and asymptotic symmetries 2017-08-28
A Journey on Riemann Spheres: From Scattering Equations to Amplitudes and Form Factors 2017-08-28
表面及界面性质的第一性原理模拟 2017-08-24
Analog synapse devices based on interface resistive switching for neuromorphic system 2017-08-21
马约拉纳费米子 2017-08-20
Gauge Theories: Quivers, Dessins and Calabi-Yau 2017-08-18
Engineering Ultrasmall Metal Nanoclusters for BiomedicalApplications 2017-08-12
从《射雕英雄传》到《九章算术注》 2017-06-25
BiFeO3多铁异质结的界面磁电耦合与输运特性 2017-06-19
激子-声子耦合作用对单层过渡金属硫族化合物中 2017-06-09
亚稳态铁磁/铁电异质结的磁电耦合效应 2017-06-02
可调控液晶微型激光器的研究 2017-05-22
高自旋极化铁磁性薄膜材料 2017-05-17
金属-绝缘体颗粒膜中新的物理现象 2017-05-06


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